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BOUTENAC terroir

Michel Raynaud inherited the domain in 1988 owned by his family for five generations.
On a part of his vineyard you can discover 120-year-old Vieux Carignan. It is from these outstanding vines in the Boutenac terroir that Chorus is made.
So, what is Chorus ?
First and foremost, Chorus is music, but, even more than mere music, it’s the main riff of a jazz theme … that syncopated melody that woos and wins us, again and again, exercising an obsessive effect that lingers on in our heads and hearts.
Chorus is also a choir … a great blending of voices … culminating in the Masterpiece.
And then Chorus is a tale of hearts … the tale of an encounter between two wine enthusiasts who decided to pool their passion.
This is how Chorus came to be born, a unique wine, coming from the heart of wines set in the middle of the Corbières. They are the core of theses vintages, helped by a lengthy vatting period to extract from the grapes all their distinctive and complex qualities.
Chorus is a rear, one-off wine … but it’s no myth.
Chorus is easy on the palate … and, once sampled, it becomes a source of much pleasure.

very stony Boutenac sandstone, marl with outcrops of red sandstone in rolled shingle.

Old Carignan 90 % Syrah 5 % Grenache noir 5 %

25 hl/ha

Hand picked, monitoring physical maturity, strict selection of grapes; careful transport of whole grapes in 40 kgs crates to the cellar, vats previously saturated with carbonic gas Carbonic maceration during 22 to 25 days, ageing in oak barrels (American and French) for 12 months, fining by egg white, delicate filtration before bottling

Tasting Notes
Very steady garnet-red colour; complex nose, with ripe fruit (cherry, blackcurrant) and a scent of garrigue (laurel, thymus); well constituted, rich, still marked by the wood, but already well balanced; long deep finish, very well structured in the mouth

At the table
Serve at 17°C, with sauce dishes (stews, wild boar), grilled beef and hare; good with matured soft cheese, and chocolate deserts.