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Then one day in 1994, on the A6 autoroute, Michel suddenly had a revelation -Stop playing at businessman and work the vines yourself-.The next day, he spoke with Jacques Luquet who understood completely and gave the green light to Michel's leaving in a year. So 1995 saw Michel return to the land to rediscover the skills learnt during his youth.

His father, devastated by the departure of his son, had wished to punish him and had refused to renew any of his vines. So, Michel discovered very old Carignan, old Cinsault and Grenache which had escaped the folly of grubbing-up and replanting with better varieties.
Some restructuring was necessary: grouping the fields so as better to manage the work, grubbing up a parcel or two, planting in leftover areas and fitting out the cave with stainless steel tanks and a modern grape press

Michel und Uschi

Since 1996 he has not been alone in the management of his vineyards, extending to 40 hectares; his companion Uschi joined him at the domaine in the hamlet of les Clauses.
In 2007, they created their Espace Chorus, an exquisite place dedicated to the cult of wine.Taste their wines and relax in a friendly atmosphere, have a tea or coffee with home made cakes.