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Val d’Orbieu


President Jacques Luquet
Michel Raynaud
Heinz Stephan

But the role of an agricultural advisor was too constrained for this visionary young man, energetic and entrepreneurial. He met with countrymen who wanted to progress, to explore further horizons and to market their wine better.

With Yves Barsalou, his father's cousin, he founded VVO and created a group of wine producers, Les Vignerons du Val d'Orbieu. A tiny office in the centre of Narbonne opened in 1972 from which Michel started to sell his members' wines all over France, at first in bulk, later also in bottles.

In 1980 the offices moved, the business expanded, bulk sales still represented the greater part of the sales, but little by little the wines were bottled. Michel travelled widely and decided to address the issue of exports, with subsidiaries in Germany, in the United States, in Great Britain, in the Netherlands, in Japan. He devoted himself entirely to the development of the business -I have only one mistress, she is called Val d'Orbieu - and he grew apart from his family.