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This is : a wine grower with a great passion, dedicating his life to his vineyard, producing expressive wines which reflect the diversity of the terroirs due to the cultivating methods of his vines and careful process of making wine.

But that is not all : Sensitivity plays an essential role : grapes have to be handpicked at perfect maturity, a neat vinification followed by a filtration with gentle sieving before bottling : all this is necessary to keep the wine's aromas and its digestibility.

The work in the vineyard is very important : The grapes, soil and climate are the determinating factors for the ploughing - the wine producer is responsible for bringing in the harvest safely, without disturbing the natural process of maturation.

Work of the plots is determined by the moon cycles. The goal Michel Raynaud tries to achieve is that every cuvée expresses its terroir and its specific character. That is how Michel Raynaud puts his ideas and conceptions into his wines.


Michel Raynaud has an international reputation as a wine-taster. There are only few wines he would not recognize in a blind tasting. His comments are always appreciated as they are relevant, objective and fair.