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Family Winegrowers

The family house sheltered not only the little Michel and his parents but also his grandparents - winemakers in Saint-André and Montséret for many generations. His education lay in the hands of his grandmother, for his parents, Germaine and Maurice, were always working the vines. Grandmother Odette instilled in him a taste for good cooking and the appreciation of traditional recipes.


Michel grew to the rhythm of the vendanges - the harvests. Still a young boy, he joined in the work on the vines and helped with the vendanges, cared for the horses . . . After his baccalauréat he started to work with his father and to learn the craft of winemaking and all went well until he had to leave for his two years' military service, spent in Algeria.


On his return, a more mature Michel was ready to improve the business. He felt that modernisation and a restructuring would better manage the twenty hectares of vineyards. Conflict erupted between father and son and eventually the son slammed the door shut and left the land to become an agricultural advisor.
For several years he paced the lands of the Gard, and later the Corbières. He married Josette, a young girl from his village and two daughters were born of this union, Mylène and Laurence

The daughters Mylène et Laurence choose professions connected to wine: Mylène is an œnologist and owns a small vineyard in the region near Sète, Laurence has a master's degree in marketing and creates advertising material for wine.