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Les Clauses
  43 05 20.69 N
002 48 43.30 E

Domaine Les Clauses


The domaine is located in the heart of the Corbieres in the small village Les Clauses, not far from Montseret. The largest part of the 80-acre vineyard is located a few kilometers from the abbey Fontfroide.

The Winegrower

Michel Raynaud makes wines heavily influenced by his personality on his terroirs of Boutenac and Fontfroide. He is a young wine-grower of the domaine (after 5 generations of family ownership) following the death of his father in 1988.
Since 1995 he has given his vineyard his undivided attention. The vines and the soils are handled with the greatest care and respect of the traditions, to produce as natural wines as possible full of positive energy.

Domaine St Michel Les Clauses
6, chemin de la Source
Les Clauses
T/F 0033 468 43 36 62
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