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COUNTRY BREAD with egg and tapenade
such a simple recipe - just take a little care with the cooking of the eggs

per person:
1 slice of a good pain de campagne
1 soupspoon of tapenade
1 egg (or 2 quail eggs)
1 cherry tomato
white wine vinegar, salt and pepper

bring to the boil some salted water
halve the tomato and add salt and pepper
then prepare the eggs:
break each egg into a (coffee) cup without damaging the yolk
add a little vinegar to the boiling water then tip the egg into a ladle then carefully into the boiling water
cook for 3 - 4 minutes to taste
whilst the eggs are cooking, toast the bread and spread with the tapenade
using the ladle, lift each egg from the water, allow to drain then place on the toast, decorate with the tomato and
serve immediately

I have cooked the eggs in a bain-marie having first buttered the cups. You are less likely to damage the eggs and
the cooking time is a little longer, giving more time to prepare the toast

and to drink?
a well-chilled rosé or a light red wine