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serves 4  persons: Cassoulet und Esprit de Grain
400 g white beans
4 duck legs, preserve
1 carot
300 g of pork crackling
50 g cubes of dry ham
400 g of sausage
tomato vellutata
1 onion with cloves
salt, pepper

Prepare white beans :
the day before : soak in cold water
next day : sieve and bring to boil with carot and pork craklings, low temperature. White beans are ready when skin splits, then sieve, but keep the bouillon

Prepare meat and sauce :
in a casserole : roast ham cubes and sausage cut into 4 parts together with crushed garlic, onion with cloves, vellutata for 20 minutes
Add white beans, salt and continue to cook for approx 1h 30
Take of the grease from duck legs, place legs on the top of white beans, add pepper

Add bouillon to the upper limit of the casserole
Cook « au gratin » for 15 min at 220° / 7,
The cassoulet must be crunchy on the top but not dry beneath – IMPORTANT

Serve hot - With a cold glass of Esprit de Grain (in summer) or Cousu Main in autumn and winter